What to expect from your first consultation:

Generally your first consultation will be with our trained beautician. This will involve discussion about your concerns, baseline photographs with written consent. You will then be put into the right appointment which will be with the relevant trained professional e.g. for hair removal you will have a hair removal appointment, for Botox or filler you will see one of our doctors.

We would also ask you to come prepared to have all your makeup removed prior to the photographs, which enables accurate documentation and analysis of improvements/changes at each visit.

Depending on the type for skin problem we may need to liaise with your GP if we feel NHS treatment is more appropriate or if we feel they need to be informed about a treatment we have given to you.

At each stage we will discuss this with you and we will inform your GP with your consent.


Reveal Complexion Analysis

Your first consultation will usually include baseline photographs. The clinic has world leading, state of the art complexion analyser.  With this you will see your face in a whole new light with the Reveal complexion analysis system.

Sophisticated photographs will capture what the naked eye cannot, including sun damage, pore size, skin texture, hyperpigmentation, wrinkles, eyelash analysis and more. Your “before” photos can then be compared with “afters” to demonstrate treatment effectiveness.

You will be given a printout of the recommendations with our cosmeceuticals and be able to monitor results with repeated photographs at repeat visits.

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