The laser creates a beam of high-intensity light that delivers a controlled amount of targeted therapeutic energy depending on the skin type and the condition.

We use high tech and latest machines and devices for the treatment of various conditions including-


Laser emits high intensity light, which is absorbed by the hair follicles beneath the skin’s surface and converts it into energy destroying the follicles. Multiple treatments are required as the process is effective when hair is in active growth phase.

What is laser hair removal?

It is a rapid way of reducing the unwanted hair permanently. The ingrowing hair can now be tackled leaving no red bumps. There is no need of shaving or waxing every other day!

Why go for laser treatment?

Most common areas for laser hair removal

It requires virtually no settling down time. There may be some redness and swelling following the procedure, which should resolve in few seconds. We use ice packs and Aloe Vera gel to sooth the treated area.

What to expect after the treatment?

Before & After

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We offer free consultation by our fully qualified and trained aesthetic practitioners who after the careful examination of the skin ensures the very best treatment for you.

The laser settings are tailored to the hair and skin type ensuring maximum safety and results. The laser treatment does not require anaesthesia for it is virtually painless.  It may very occasionally cause slight discomfort, which resolves in several seconds.

What happens during the treatment?

Pre- procedure instructions:

Post- procedure instructions:


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