Modality Medical Spa has a team of specialists that are able to offer private Minor surgical procedures performed within state of the art facilities.

Many small, benign skin lesions are no longer treated on the NHS and we provide an alternative safe, cost effective service. Our clinicians are local General Practitioners of many years experience, with special interests in Minor Surgery and Dermatology.

We are able to provide diagnostic opinions and treatments at competitive prices, within a primary care setting.

Minor surgical procedures that we offer are usually performed under local anaesthesia and include:

Skin tags (fibro-epithelial polyps)

These small, fleshy, pedunculated lesions occur commonly and are usually seen on the neck and axillae.

Moles (benign melanocytic naevi)

These are common and range from flat-pigmented lesions to raised non-pigmented lesions. Such lesions are usually sent for histological analysis after removal.


Seborrhoeic Keratoses

These are benign lesions which usually appear in middle age and are most commonly multiple. They are very superficial, often warty and can be unsightly.


Viral warts

These are mostly caused by infection with human papilloma virus and various treatment options are available to treat these.


Epidermoid cyst (pilar cyst)

These are small, round lumps just under the skin. They are commonly found on the head, neck, upper chest and back. They can discharge a cheesy material or become infected.


These are benign lumps of fatty tissue and commonly occur anywhere around the body. They can enlarge and become prominent or cause pressure symptoms.



These are considered to be an abnormal response to an insect bite. They are firm hard lumps, which are often itchy.

Earlobe refashioning

Earlobes can tear by wearing heavy earrings over time, resulting in a split or stretched lobe. These can be repaired by surgery.


Hypertrophic and keloid scars

Such scars are an abnormal overgrowth of scar tissue the commonest sites for keloids are on the front of the chest, around the shoulders and on the earlobes.

Other surgical procedures are also available and we will be pleased to offer advice and opinion during your initial consultation with our specialists:

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